ESCx Tattoo Power Supply Kit

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Never set a voltage again, this is like cruise control for your brushed rotary machine.

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ESCx Firmware Change Log

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Run lower speeds than ever before while still retaining the same hitting power! Get accurate speed readings from your brush less and coil machines

The ESCx tattoo power supply is the most advanced power source available for your tattooing instruments. With its unique machine calibration and machine specific banks you will unlock potential you never knew your machines had.

To keep up with the ever evolving world of tattooing equipment, the ESCx tattoo power supply is equipped with Bluetooth communications to allow for wireless control as well as over the air firmware updates


  • Proprietary machine specific motor control software drivers.
  • Smart start calibration starts even the hardest machines.
  • Speed (hz) or Volt (v) dual modes of operation.
  • 1/4"-20 threaded mount. 
  • Multi-Function clamp with ballhead arm included.
  • Capacitive touch buttons that will never wear out.
  • Flash memory saves all user settings.
  • Screen flip option allows unit to be run in multiple orientations.
  • Switchcraft® locking power connector.
  • Rean® all metal 1/4" machine and pedal jacks rated to 5000+ mating cycles. 
  • Dual configurable I/O ports (machine/pedal)
  • 5 machine calibration banks.
  • 5 speed and 5 voltage presets for each calibration bank. 
  • High contrast 2.4" OLED screen with wide viewing angle.
  • Wireless Bluetooth® foot pedal coming soon! (sold separately)
  • Mobile apps provide touch-less voice control options to reduce cross contamination.
  • Over the air device firmware updates with bluetooth mobile app.
  • iOS™ and Android™ devices supported.
  • IP67 enclosure and sealed connectors prevent any contamination from ever reaching inside the unit.
  • Dual voltage power adapter included for international operation (110/220v).
  • 2 pack calibration cartridges included. 
  • FCC, CE, RoHS Compliant 

Machine Calibration List

Manf Model Driver Type Vmax
Axys Direct Brushed 12.0
Axys Fehu Brushed 12.0
Axys Valhalla Brushed 14.0
Axys Valkyr Brushed 10.5
Bishop Fantom Brushed 10.0
Bishop Magi Brushed 9.0
Bishop Microangelo Brushed 9.0
Bishop V6 Brushed 9.0
Bishop Wand Brushed Brushed 10.0
Bishop Wand Brushless Brushless 10.0
Bowers Supply 2 Stroke Brushed 12.0
Bowers Supply Bobber Brushed 12.0
Bowers Supply Can Brushed 12.0
Bowers Supply Liner Brushed 12.0
CA Rotary Pearl Tattcom Protection
Cheyenne Hawk Pen Hawk 12.6
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Hawk 12.0
Cheyenne Sol Luna Brushless 12.6
Cheyenne Sol Nova Brushless 12.6
Cheyenne Sol Tera Brushless 12.6
Cheyenne Spirit Hawk 12.0
Cheyenne Unio Brushless 12.6
Dan Kubin DMC Brushed 6.5
Dan Kubin Mojo Slider Brushed 6.0
Dan Kubin Sidewinder Brushed 6.5
Dan Kubin Swinger Brushed 6.5
Dr.Potter Kamakazi Brushed 12.0
Eikon Helix Brushed 12.0
Eikon Symbeos Brushed 9.5
Equalizer Drop Pen Brushed 9.0
Equalizer Ergo Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Fox Brushed 12.0
Equalizer JC Hammer Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Metoxx Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Mikron Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Proton Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Pusher Brushed 12.0
Equalizer Spike Brushed 12.0
FK Irons Direct 2 Brushed 9.5
FK Irons Edge X Brushed 12.0
FK Irons Exo Brushless 12.0
FK Irons Halo 2 Brushed 14.0
FK Irons Xion Brushed 10.0
Immortal Inv Killer Bee Brushed 18.0
Ink Machines Dragonfly X2 Brushed 14.0
Ink Machines Scorpion Brushed 12.0
Ink Machines Stingray X2 Brushed 14.0
Inkjecta Flite Nano Brushless 18.0
Neotat Original Brushed 15.0
Neotat Stregato Brushed 15.0
Neotat Vivace Brushed 15.0
Neuma Neuma 4 Brushed 9.0
Poisoned Machines X4 Brushed 6.0
Rook Quill Brushed 13.0
Stigma Hyper V3 Brushed 10.0
Stigma Hyper V4 Brushed 12.0
Stigma Jet Brushed 12.0
Stigma Jet Power Brushed 12.0
Stigma Prodigy V2 Brushed 12.0
Stigma Shot Brushed 12.0
Stigma Spear Brushed 10.0
Stigma Stylist Brushed 10.0
Stigma Thorn Brushed 12.0
Swashdrive Vader Brushless 16.0
Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Brushed 10.0
Unknown Brushed Brushed 12.0
Unknown Brushless Brushless 12.0
Unknown Coil Coil 12.0

360 View

AR Model

Note: Machines not on the list can be calibrated as unknown machine using the appropriate driver type. Request to add or revise machine lists can be placed at our Service Desk.

When using ESCx mode on a brushless machine the voltage will not adjust. This is due to the fact brushless motors have their own motor control circuitry onboard that will handle speed control. You will get an accurate Hz/CPS reading from your brushless machines when using the ESCx as well as have the ability to set a speed and allow the ESCx to determine correct voltage. Coil machines are limited to voltage mode only.

Ordering outside the US?

Worldwide shipping upon request, contact us at [email protected] for a quote. 

Supplier’s Declarations of Conformity
FCC IC ICES-003 Issue 6-2016 
CE EN 55011 CISPR 11
Bluetooth Declaration Details
Test Reports
FCC Part 15, Subpart B/ICES-003
CE EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011 and EN 61000-6-1:2007
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